More than events Montanha Clube created recente LouzanPark a project to create a space recognized and with the possibility of the outdoor activities. Mostly all about nature during 365 days of the year.

Creating conditions for athletes from around the globe make them pre-season like its been normal lately.

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The track selected to welcome the World Cup is called DH2 where we already received the European Championship and the Portuguese Cup. With more or less 2.1km. We built this track with the main goal to have a very technical and demanding one to welcome the best athletes for training with the World Cup level conditions. And also trying to that all the people who ride it have the will to improve and go beyond them limits. Mostly with natural resources.

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Technical Area and Teams
Team Area

A place near LouzanPark define by the organization for teams to have them assistances.

Link for the Booking form:
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